Saulo Samiento

Awards & Title:

- Winner of Pole Art 2012 in Sweden

- Winner of Pole Dance Competition 2011 in France
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Saulo Sarmiento is a world known acrobat, dancer and artist from the Canary Islands (Spain).

He started training as a gymnast at the age of 13 and participated in many international festivals and championships as a part of the Canary Islands gymnastic team. In order to pursue his artistic training and growth he moved to Madrid at the age of 18, where he got to work in Grease and Cats street musicals as well as to tour as a dancer with several singers and bands.

Later Saulo started working with company KALEIDO where he trained intensively all aerial acrobatic skills (silk, hoop, rope, trapeze, bungy, etc.) and took part in a lot of events and shows.

After 4 years of training and working for Kaleido, he moved to Paris to work with FARFADAIS. Saulo had an opportunity to work and travel all around the world (Thailand, Zurich, New York, Tunis, Italy, Spain, Russia, UK, Gabon, Angola, China, India just to name a few). His training was further continued with Chinese Pole, Straps, Pole Dance, Aerial Fights, Hand to Hand and other group acts. In Paris Saulo also works on TV shows and events.

In 2011 Saulo Sarmiento became the Champion of the French Pole Dance Competition. Last year he won Pole Art 2012. Today Saulo works as a freelance acrobat, dancer and a model.